La Yerba mate (Ilex paraguariensis) is a plant in South America known for its variety of health benefits. The Yerba mate tea is made from steeping ground leaves and stems from this plant of the same name. It’s traditionally sipped through a straw out of a gourd. Also, it can be prepared just like any loose tea or by using a French press. It contains a large number of nutrients but is most well-known for being a safe and efficient nervous system stimulant. It has few side effect and offers a variety of benefits to those who enjoy drinking it. Below are just a few of the yerba mate benefits that are available when a person starts to drink organic yerba mate tea regularly.

Yerba Mate Benefits Infographic

Seven Benefits of Yerba Mate

ONE – Nervous System Stimulant

One of the main advantages of yerba mate is that it is a nervous system stimulant, similar to coffee. The yerba mate tea caffeine is enough to help a person wake up, feel more alert, and feel more focus. It contributes to increasing a person’s energy and gives the effect of coffee without the side effects most people experience. It also interferes less with sleep than coffee does. That is good for many individuals who do not like insomnia that can be a concern with coffee. Many people use the yerba mate tea as a replacement for their morning coffee to ensure they receive the same benefits, and more, without the side effects.


TWO – Offers a Variety of Nutrients

The yerba mate plant includes Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, C, E, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, sulfur, zinc and more. These are all in a high enough concentration that the person drinking the tea on a regular basis can be sure they’re receiving all of the benefits and nutrients they need. That makes it an excellent nutritional supplement that can be enjoyed every morning.


Yerba Mate provides mental stimulation! I drink it every day, and it is awesome. It helps digest food, and I sleep well it’s very calming and significantly improves your ability to focus. You keep on drinking and refilling the cup for hours while working or relaxing (or as long as you can). It is great, believe me! Also, my partner drinks mate regularly while practicing bodybuilding. For me, the best way to enjoy it is to share it with family and friends.

Lisa Hudley, Florida

THREE – Helps Curb Appetite

One of the next biggest health benefits of yerba mate is that it can help a person lose weight. It works well as an appetite suppressant and because it helps boost energy the person will be able to get up and go more often. The yerba mate is good for weight loss.  It contributes to burn stored fat and to boost the weight loss. With the appetite suppressed and increased energy, many people find they lose weight easier when they include yerba mate tea in their diet and get plenty of work out each day. Often, they feel more inclined to remember to exercise daily because of the increase in energy.

FOUR – Kills Cancer Cells

Some studies have shown that when the extract is added to colon cancer cells the cancer cells will self-destruct and the tea is known for some of the anti-cancer compounds it includes. These consist of saponins, ursolic acid, rutin, tannin, chlorogenic acid, and chlorophyll. Although all of the anti-cancer properties of this tea are not known yet, the yerba mate cancer-destroying properties could mean it can be used to prevent cancer. More studies are being done to see exactly how this tea might be able to help fight cancer or help a body kill off cancer cells on its own. Read more about Yerba mate and cancer.

average caffeine levels

Average Caffeine Level Comparison

FIVE – Supports Cardiovascular System

There are quite a few antioxidants and amino acids present in yerba mate tea. Antioxidants and amino acids are known for helping fat and cholesterol move through the bloodstream. They can help prevent blood clots or contribute avoiding the hardening of the arteries due to a buildup of fats or cholesterol. A cardiovascular system that functions well could mean a lower chance of the blood clots that lead to strokes and heart attacks. It can also support you in having more energy to exercise more often because the blood is more able to quickly and freely move oxygen around the body.

SIX – Aids in Digestion

One of the significant benefits is that is to help stimulate the natural movement of the digestive tract to help keep everything more regular and has been shown to help overcome constipation. It’s known for having quick effects on the gastrointestinal tract and could potentially help repair damaged tissues in the digestive tract.

Health benefits of Yerba mate - Cardiovascular System

Drinking Yerba mate supports our Cardiovascular System

SEVEN – Aids in Mental Facilities

Quite a few mental functions can be boosted when a person drinks yerba mate tea. The caffeine in the tea helps enhance mood, memory, and alertness. It can also contribute to a person to become more motivated and productive because it stimulates the body’s natural production of dopamine. It boosts a person’s mood, helping them feel better and more productive. It also includes various compounds and alkaloids that provide stimulating effects similar to green tea without the side effects typically noticed when a person drinks coffee regularly. Yerba mate vs. coffee became a quite common debate these days.


Along with knowing all of the health benefits of mate, it is still important to understand the potential side effects. Overdrinking the yerba mate tea can cause some of the symptoms people experience from drinking too much caffeine like nervousness, heart palpitations, and insomnia. It’s not recommended for someone who is pregnant because of the high caffeine content. Also, combined with heavy drinking or smoking might increase the risk of certain cancers. As long as a person is careful not to drink too much, especially at first, the number of yerba mate benefits can make it worth the try.