Yerba mate is a tea made from an evergreen shrub close to holly that is considered an alternative to coffee. Popular in South American countries, there is a variety of different ways to drink and enjoy the tea, though the traditional way is by drinking from a gourd. This tea provides a variety of health benefits including a boost in energy similar to coffee, a boost in mental function, and boosts in immunity and metabolism. It boasts an impressive number of vitamins and minerals and so is considered a healthy drink to consume. Those who wish to try yerba mate will want to understand where to buy yerba mate as well as what types of yerba mate are available and how to enjoy the drink traditionally. Buy Yerba mate and enjoy all its benefits.

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What to Know Before Making a Purchase

Traditionally, yerba mate is bitter and many say the taste is similar to green tea. However, it provides similar benefits to coffee, including the caffeine boost, and offers a variety of minerals and nutrients. Someone who is trying to enjoy a healthier diet may want to choose this as an alternative to coffee to start their day. Yerba mate can be bought from a variety of sources online so those who wish to try the drink can choose from a variety of blends or mixtures with herbs. Before you buy Yerba mate check where is popular and get to know all the benefits on our homepage.

How Yerba Mate is Purchased

Yerba mate is usually purchased as loose leaves and will need to be prepared for drinking. Some people will want the best yerba mate that is already crushed and blended with a variety of herbs for a more distinct flavor. Those who choose this option will find there are a wide variety of flavors available and it’s easy to find one that meets their unique taste preferences. Many who enjoy yerba mate, however, recommend trying the traditional yerba mate first to get a good idea of the original flavor before blending. Yerba mate is the best ingredient to enjoy organic energy drinks. There are many avaiable on the market.

Choosing a Type of Yerba Mate to Try

Yerba mate is made from a blend of stems and leaves used in the gourd to make the tea. A person can choose one of the blends for more intense flavors. Many people consider blends made of 12% stems and 88% leaves to be the best yerba mate blends as the stems help to reduce some of the bitterness and keep the bombilla straw from clogging. Three of the most popular blends include traditional, suave and leaf-style. Buy Yerba mate on our website. We know which ones are the best brands.


This contains only 1% of stems so has more nutrients and a stronger flavor. Better nutrient extraction is offered with this blend as the low stem content produces more compression around the bombilla.

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This blend contains 20% stems to further reduce clogging and bitterness, is available in a variety of flavors and mixes, and is considered the easiest to prepare and use. It also called ‘smooth’.

suave yerba mate

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This consists of 12% stems and is available in many flavors like orange, lemon, and grapefruit. Stems reduce bitternes and protect bombilla from clogging. This is often considered the best yerba mate for beginners as it’s easy to prepare and use.

Traditional Yerba Mate

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Yerba mate can also be mixed with a variety of herbs to improve the flavors. Those who want to try a mixture can choose from citron mate, tropical mate, guayusa, cucumber mint guayusa, hibiscus cooler, and more. These are just a few of the mixes available and a person who wishes to branch out and try the different mixtures may want to try a few of them to see which one they prefer to make and enjoy.

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How to Choose a Gourd

Those who want to drink yerba mate traditionally will want to purchase a Yerba mate gourd and bombilla straw to drink from. The person can choose between a wooden gourd and a natural mate gourd for the Yerba mate cup, both of which have their distinct benefits.


The natural gourds are more traditional and widely used in South America. It’s considered better for seasoned drinkers although it does help mask the bitterness of the tea. It has been noted to create a more pleasant flavor over time compared to wooden gourds though the flavor isn’t imparted on the first use. It’s also available in special shapes and sizes and does need to be cured before use.


Wooden gourds are considered better for beginners as they are easier to keep clean, yet those who have been enjoying yerba mate for years still prefer this type of gourd as well. This starts adding a pleasant flavor to the drink even with the first use and the flat base of the wooden gourd is known to add stability to the drink.

How to Choose a Straw – Bombilla

Once the person has chosen a gourd, they will need to choose a straw to use. The straw can have either a spoon end filter, which extracts the most nutrients, or a tube end filter, which doesn’t clog as easily and works well even if the yerba mate is not prepared well. Straws can be made from stainless steel, alpaca (also known as German silver), and bamboo. They can be straight or curved and can vary in length as well. A person may want to consider a gold tipped straw as it protects the lips from the heat the straw can gain as it sits in the yerba mate.


Anyone who wants to buy yerba mate and who wants to ensure they purchase the best yerba mate possible can use this guide to learn more about what the different options are and what they need to consider before making a purchase. While the best yerba mate may differ from person to person, the above information can help anyone choose a flavor to start with and the correct gourd and straw to enjoy the traditional drink.

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