Benefits of taking Yerba Mate Soda – Materva

Yerba Mate soda is one of the most popular drinks in America among the people from South America. The drink is produced by combining herbs imported from South America with some fruits extracts. The drink originated from Cuba, but it’s today produced in the US and it very popular among the people of Cuba as well as other Hispania’s due to its numerous health benefits. The soda also known as Materva is believed to boost a person immune system and at the same time improves the sexual health. The product is available in six-packs at Amazon and other web stores.


Yerba mate soda - Materva

Materva is a soda with Yerba mate as the main ingredient.

Health benefits of Yerba Mate Soda

To start with, the product contains some important nutrients and Antioxidants. Scientific studies have proven that the herb used to make the soda contains Xanthines, Caffeoyl derivatives, Saponins, and Polyphenols. The above nutrients have been proven to have an anti-inflammatory and cholesterol-lowering property which increases overall health. Research has also shown that the anti-oxidant power of yerba mate soda is great than that of green tea making the product superior.

Another benefit of yerba mate soda is that it has the ability to boost energy as well as mental level focus. The herb used to make the soda contains some amount of caffeine but less compared to coffee. Caffeine helps to increase a person energy level when he/she feels drained and at the same time reduces fatigue. People who take yerba soda claims to be more alert after taking with no side effects.

The third benefits of taking Yerba tea is that it can improve physical performance. In fact, people with poor sex habits are advised to take Yerba soda to enhance their performance. Scientific studies have shown that, if a person takes one gram of yerba tea before doing an exercise, end up burning 24% more fat compared to the one who’s not using it.

For people wishing to lose some few pounds, yerba mate soda is the ideal product to use. The drink contains thermogenic materials which increase metabolism rate in one’s body when taken. In addition, the intake of the herb in form of soda suppress a person demand to eat. This in turns translates into weight loss since you can only take what is enough for your body once the diet is suppressed. This further explains why so many weight loss products have yerba mates as one of the ingredients. For those looking to lose weight, it’s advisable to take yerba mates accompanied by lemon and honey every morning for optima report.

Recent scientific research has also shown that yerba mates tea has the ability to fix our Cardiovascular. In America, heart disease and other heart complications are the leading killers. Taking yerba mates soda reduces our ability to get heart failure, irregular heartbeats as well as low blood pressure. In addition, due to its effect on metabolism, the product reduces the possibility of having high blood pressure and at the same time strengthens the blood vessels. Combined with regular exercise, the product can help one to get rid of most common heart conditions.

Other benefits of yerba mate soda

Unlike yerba mate tea, the soft drink is ready to drink reducing the time that is used to prepare other products that contain the product. This implies that one can use the product anywhere at any time since no preparation is required. For those doing workouts, it is an ideal product since it can be taken on demand and works well in boosting energy levels.

Another benefit of yerba mate soda is that it easily available at a pocket-friendly price. Most distributors and online stores are now stocking yerba mate soda as a result of its increased popularity. Its prices are lower compared to other product made up of yerba mate herb. In addition, the additional flavor in the drink makes the drink easily to take. In fact, most people do not notice that the main ingredient of Yerba tea is made of ‘ilex paraguariensis’ plant twigs since the test of tea is undetectable. Finally, unlike many American sodas, the product is fruity, and the fruit taste makes it’s enjoyable when drinking.

With all of the above health and other benefits of yerba mate soda, we can conclude that it is one of the finest soft drink in the market.

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