Canarias Yerba mate Review

We are glad to publish a detailed review of one of the brands of yerba mate known as Canarias. Brazil was the first country to produce this brand, but currently, Uruguay is a country where Canarias yerba mate is enjoyed more. This will provide an honest yerba mate review that you need to read.

Sometimes we compare the habit of taking yerba mate with that of drinking some wine. Novice wine tasters start by taking smoother and sweeter wines, but as they advance the shift to robust flavors and drier wines. Canarias Yerba Mate is considered as a drink for professional Materos. This brand is famous in other South American countries as well.


Canarias Yerba mate brand

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The Brand

As already mentioned, Canarias is a famous brand in Uruguay and has an established market there. Canarias offers several products which range from tea bags to indigenous Yerba Mate. It is organic and natural. Usually, it is dried using the 50kg sacks for a duration of between 4-6 months.

The users of this brand are very loyal to it and you cannot easily discourage them to stop using it. Whether a novice or professional drinker, Canarias Yerba Mate will be ideal. Though advanced drinkers will enjoy it more.

For beginners, this drink can seem to be very strong. But if you have been searching for it, you need to grab your pack of this brand. Most people claim that this brand is the best because of some reasons that are discussed below.

One of the reasons is that Canarias Yerba Mate does not have a linear taste. And this makes Canarias a unique Yerba. You can never get bored while drinking Canarias Yerba Mate.

Each sip of this drink contains some sweetness and bitterness, and this makes drinking it adventurous. It can be compared to drinking a new mate every time, which is not the case.


yerba mate cup and accesories

Yerba mate is a great stimulant for mental activities.


It contains a higher percentage of Polvo (powder) – falls under leaf style yerba mate. It requires some skills for you to maintain and mold the mountain when taking this mate. If not, then you might have problems to obtain water because the powder will have blocked the holes.


It has a bitter, dry and smoky taste. It is mellow but yet has higher octane stimulation. The body and taste of Canarias Yerba mate remain one of the best in the market. It also feels like cream in your mouth. It retains its flavor for a longer time compared to other similar brands. This gives you a chance to refill yerba mate gourd many times before it is washed.



There are many different kinds of gourds for drinking Yerba mate.

Canarias as an energy Booster

This brand will make users have a lot of energy they require for their daily activities. It will also help their minds to be hyperactive. It will allow you to concentrate and focus better.

It also has a calming effect which increases your concentration and helps you to avoid being anxious. It’s relaxing, and calming effects help to bring your worries down. It also helps you to remain happy at all times and thus achieve more.

Canarias is both a tasty and long-lasting mate. This means that it takes time before its flavor is watered down. Because it contains many leaves and few stems, it can stay for longer. Leaves are the one responsible for bringing flavor to this mate.

So if you wish to experience the Yerba Mate, then you need to try Canarias. It will be very hard for beginners to know how they can prepare this mate at first. But its taste, lasting ability, and effects make it one of the best yerba mate brands out there.

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