We are a couple that love traveling. Traveling in South America was an amazing experience and one of the best things that happened was getting to know Yerba mate. Why? Because I had difficulties with focusing. Sitting in front of computer with “foggy brains” was what I had to deal with… and at the end of the day I was never happy with what I achieved that day. But with Yerba mate… I AM A MASCHINE!!! 🙂

I tried with coffee, but it seems it doesn’t have any effect on me. Probably because of too low blood pressure. 🙂 I tried energy drinks but, they make me too jittery. BUT YERBA MATE; no jitters, no “foggy brains” but just pure power. 🙂

And I am very happy that I have a girlfriend that knows what to do in the kitchen when it comes to cooking, experimenting with drinks, fruits and teas. I have to admit that Yerba mate alone doesn’t taste good. BUT, with some experimenting, you can get a very tasty and veeeery healthy beverage. And she knows how to do it! At the moment my favorite way to prepare Yerba mate is in stovetop espresso coffee maker. I add some lemon juice and honey and VOILA! Fast and good.

Please feel free to contact us and share your experience with Yerba mate. Tell us your opinion on our webpage. We except critics, praises, proposals,… 🙂

With buying Yerba mate from our website you are helping us achieve our dreams. Travel around the world is our biggest wish.


Alex & Sasa

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