Organic energy drinks can be made out of Yerba mate

There are many different products on the market that contain Yerba mate. Yerba mate is a perfect herb for organic energy drinks and boosting iced teas. Today’s lifestyle is on a fast lane. Being effective, productive and positive is a must. Boost your efficiency with organic energy drinks based on Yerba mate. There are also Yerba mate pills on the market.

Organic Energy Drinks – Shots (FREE Two-day Shipping)

Guayaki Organic Energy shots are yerba mate-based energy supplements made by the Guayaki Brand Company. The shots are all natural, vegetarian, sustainable and kosher without GMOs, preservatives, high fructose corn sweeteners and artificial flavors or colors. By consuming this convenient and portable all natural superfood extract, you will not experience negative side effects like jitters, crashes or multiple trips to the bathroom. There is 35 calories or less per bottle and more than 100% of the vitamin B-12 and vitamin C recommended daily allowance.

They are packed in amber glass bottles so there is no plastic leaching like with other energy shot products. The product is well protected from light and oxygen. Results are produced in 15 min or less. The caffeine meter shows there is 140 mg per bottle. Not recommended for children, pregnant woman, or those with certain medical conditions. There are four different flavors:

  • Lime Tangerine Organic
  • Wild Berry Reishi
  • Chocolate Raspberry
  • Lemon Organic

Buy organic energy drinks online in cases of 12 shots. You can also order a 4-shot sample pack to find the flavor which you prefer. It provides the energy you need to meet the stress and demand of working days is both guaranteed and organic!

Yerba Mate in Cans

Guayaki also provides yerba mate beverages in cans. They aren’t categorized as energy drinks, but many people experience energy and mental clarity, which is common for yerba mate. So it actually is an energy drink. The caffeine meter shows 150 mg, which is equal to a cup of coffee. The product is certified organic, kosher, gluten and GMO free. There are 8 different flavors. Five of them are non-carbonated and 3 lightly carbonated, so we can call them sparkling. Guayaki has very good reviews and has won multiple awards for their canned products.

Flavors of non-carbonated versions:

  • Lemon Elation – Awarded as best new tea by “BEVNET” in 2009
  • Bluephoria
  • Orange Exuberance
  • Revel Berry
  • Enlightened Mint

Flavors of sparkling versions:

  • Classic Gold – tamarind and lime flavor. Awarded as Best Energy Drink in 2013 by “delicious living”
  • Cranberry Pomegranate
  • Grapefruit Ginger

Buy them online in cases of 12 cans. Free shipping included on cases!

Yerba Mate Iced Tea in Glass Bottles

This cold yerba mate beverage is a low calorie, unsweetened version of the traditional Terere. Brewed with air dried mate, each bottle contains caffeine comparable to a cup of coffee. Drinkers feel mental clarity, sustained energy as well as the other benefits of yerba mate.

There are 10 different flavors:

  • Unsweetened Hibiscus Lime
  • Unsweetened Mint Lemon
  • Unsweetened
  • Traditional
  • Raspberry
  • Passion
  • Mint
  • Pomegranate
  • Citrus
  • Peach


You can try to make Terere on your own or buy them online from Guayaki. There are 12 packs for each flavor, or you can try to find your favorite one by buying a sampler pack.

== You can always try to do it yourself ==

Organic Yerba Mate Chocolate Tea

This product is described as a match made in heaven. All the benefits of yerba mate combined with organic dark cocoa powder. Dark chocolate brims with compounds that will improve your health. The caffeine meter shows an amount of caffeine similar to a cup of coffee. It contains less than 5 calories per cup. Available in packages of 36 natural, unbleached tea bags. For an iced tea, double the amount of tea bags and pour over ice. Perfect for both chocolate and tea lovers!

Yerba Mate Pills

This yerba mate dietary supplement has many good reviews as an effective weight-loss aid in combination with Maximum Metabolism Weight Loss Plan. It also helps with physical and mental fatigue. Recommended use is to take 1 to 2 pills before a meal. Two pills are equal to 1 to 2 cups of yerba mate tea. It is also suitable for vegetarians. You can get them in packages of 90 tablets or 180 tablets.

Materva – Yerba Mate Soda

Mate-based soft drinks were originally produced and popularized in Cuba. After the Cuban Revolution, it started being produced in Miami. The drink is still very popular among Cubans mostly as a nostalgic memory of pre–Revolutionary Cuba. But it is also popular because it has health benefits, like an improved immune system and sexual health. Materva is sweet and carbonated, with a flavor described as similar to cream soda or ginger ale. There is also a diet version. People who have tried it loved it! If you can’t find it in a local store, order it online.

Club Mate

Club Mate is a German-made caffeinated carbonated mate extract beverage with low sugar content and low calories. It is known as the most popular club drink in Berlin, used in cocktails mixed with vodka, Jager and rum. It makes it easier to party through the night, but it is also a very popular during the day, especially in circles of computer hackers and startups. In Berlin, whenever they need an energy boost, day or night, Club Mate is used. North Americans who’ve tried it and got hooked have been homebrewing it. As for the taste, they say, “You will get used to it.” Most people are hooked after the second of third time they drink it.

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