Consumers explore health products to gain extraordinary benefits. These advantages could improve their overall health and increase their longevity through consumption of these products. However, selected products could present potential risks due to the chosen manufacturing process for the primary ingredient. A thorough assessment of the health-related product helps consumers identify the real benefits and how to avoid yerba mate cancer risks when choosing these products. It also designates how all natural products could lower the risk of certain cancers based on their manufacturing methods. Overall, Yerba mate benefits are numerous.

Yerba mate Cancer benefits and risks

Reducing PAH’s When Processing Yerba

Most consumers ask, “is yerba mate healthy?” To answer this question fully, consumers consult Yerba mate cancer studies performed by Eduard De Stefani. The findings of the survey indicated that consumers aren’t at any higher risk of developing cancer by consuming this product as they were any other roasted product. The study identified conditions that could attribute to disease development that was separate from this product. These factors included poor diet, exposure to carcinogens due to smoking, alcohol consumption, and environmental factors.

Air Dried Yerba mate

There are more Yerba mate Cancer Benefits then Risks

Since the potential for carcinogens is related to roasting, manufacturers are evaluating further strategies to eliminate the risks. These manufacturers are utilizing a process referred to as air drying instead of complex roasting techniques. The process eliminates the possibility of higher levels of contamination of the product with these polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. By using this process, the manufacturers have decreased these potential contamination levels by eighty percent.

Reviewing the Air Dry Method

This process allows the product to air dry naturally instead of using smoke as an excellerant. This reduces the potential for toxins to enter the yerba mate and increase the risk of cancer. Throughout the process, it is tested to identify the PAH levels to ensure that they remain safe for consumers.

As compared to the smoke method, the all natural products offer a healthier form of the yerba mate. This allows consumers to acquire the anti-cancer benefits offer by the product without additives or exposure to substances found in the smoke. Studies have shown that consumers who choose the yerba mate produced through the air dry method were healthier overall. This option is preferred by consumers who wish to continue a more organic lifestyle.

Unsmoked Yerba mate by Eco Teas is organic, NON-GMO and Fair Trade – they are in partnership with small farmers.

Yerba Mate’s Role in Killing Colon Cancer

New statistics show that consumption of yerba mate tea reduces the risk of colon cancer. The related studies show that the compounds found in the tea eradicated the colon cancer cells entirely. These bio-active compounds are available in each cup at its highest potency. It is this higher potency that is attributed to apoptosis. It is among the properties that Yerba mate cancer researchers have attempted to introduce into anti-cancer medications. However, this product offers these properties via a more all natural means.

As consumers explore the health benefits of yerba mate, they also discover that the product decreases inflammation markers. These tell-tale signs are indicates of cancer in the colon. By reducing these markers, the consumer lowers their risk of developing cancer. The compound in the product that offers these benefits is caffeoylquinic acid. With regular consumption of the product, any existing cancer cells are destroyed quickly and effectively.

Stay Healthy

Drink Mate and Stay Healthy

Eliminating Weight Gain Due to Colon Issues that Promote Cancer

Since the product fights against the potential of developing colon cancer it is also effective in preventing avoidable weight gain. Common causes for colon cancer are associated with the inflammation caused by colon-related issues. With regular use of the product, waste products are broken down more effectively. Yerba mate is known to provide stimulant properties that help consumers keep their digestive system regular. Digestive stimulation is among the medicinal properties of the product.

This achieves yerba mate weight loss opportunities through a more proactive digestive system. It also reduces the potential for cancers and disease associated with bowel obstructions that allow waste products to release toxins into the body. It is these obstructions and disruptions associated with the digestive tract that cause more severe weight gain. They could also produce conditions in which diseases such as cancer could achieve cell replication and spread more progressively.

A healthier digestive system allows for the proper absorption of the caffeoylquinic acid. This helps increase the metabolism and achieve better weight loss opportunities. As these processes are engaged, the consumer gains more anti-cancer benefits at a more accelerated rate.

What are the Initial Health Benefits of Yerba Mate?

The yerba mate health benefits begin with alertness and an ability to take on daily tasks effectively. The product contains a natural energy boost and gives them a higher endurance. Consumers don’t become sluggish hours after they use this product. While it provides a small amount of caffeine, its effects don’t cause jitters like most products do. Consumers become more motivated at work and remain more productive throughout the day by using the product daily.

Improved Mental Function

The theophylline, theobromine, and caffeine levels in yerba mate improve mental function vastly. Consumers who use the product experience improvements in concentration, memory, and focus. They acquire this natural boost without difficulties or sudden and unwanted crashes. The effects of these compounds are mild compared to most products. These effects have shown to increase performance levels for consumers during a variety of activities.

Drinking Yerba Mate Improves Mental Function

Drinking Yerba Mate Improves Mental Function

An Infusion of Necessary Vitamins and Minerals

Among the health benefits of yerba mate is an infusion of necessary vitamins and minerals. The sudden boost in nutrients include vitamins A, C, E, and B complex. It contains minerals including magnesium, iron, sodium, potassium, and manganese. These vitamins and minerals are necessary for keeping consumers healthy. Additionally, they could help consumers reduce their risk of developing diseases and chronic conditions.

The product also contains phytonutrients. This includes a multitude of amino acids and nutrients. Chlorophyll, tannins, and polyphenols are among the nutrients needed for overall improved health. Consumers who choose this option could receive a larger supply of vitamins and minerals in one unique product.


Guayusa or Ilex Guayusa is native to the upper Amazonian Regions of Ecuador, Peru, and southern Colombia.

Yerba mate or Ilex Paraguariensis is grown in northern Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and southern Brazil.

Using Yerba Mate for Medicinal Purposes

The unique complex available by consuming the product offers medicinal properties. The product could assist with digestive issues. It acts as a stimulant and makes the elimination of waste more productive. Consumers who drink the product reduce digestive disturbances almost completely. It offers a reduction in allergy and cold symptoms. The product offers an adequate supply of vitamin C needed to eliminate the viruses that cause colds and flu. They reduce the effects of allergens such as running noses and itchy eyes. It also provides assistance with mental wellness. It decreases the effects of depression. This could assist consumers in avoiding mental fatigue and anxiety related symptoms. Due to the consequences of the stimulants and minerals contained in the product, consumers have a remedy for chronic fatigue and nerve pain

How Does Yerba Mate Help Consumers Lose Weight?

The weight loss benefits provided by the product begin with an appetite suppressor. By suppressing the appetite, the consumer could decrease their daily food intake. This contributes to weight reduction and could help with exercise efforts. Since the product increases endurance, the consumers could exercise for longer intervals. Add to the achieved endurance level, the fact that the product burns fat proactively could make yerba mate weight loss effects more beneficial.

The product has proven to increase insulin sensitivity. This factor helps to target fat deposits that aren’t eliminated as effectively through traditional exercise methods. To achieve the highest weight loss levels, consumers should maintain higher than average insulin sensitivity. This reduces the possibility of further development of fat deposits.

Consumers gain amazing benefits by choosing yerba mate products. These products give them higher endurance levels, proactive weight loss, and all the vitamins and minerals they need each day. The products provide consumers with homeopathic medicine properties as well.

The product also provides anti-cancer properties that could reduce the risk of developing the disease. According to studies, yerba mate that was produced through the air dry method is the best option for consumers. Tests show that it is the most organic and advantageous for consumer use. Choose organic air dried (not roasted) Yerba mate and any fear about Yerba mate cancer risks are gone.

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