We simply love Yerba mate. Organic Yerba mate tea is the most nutritious natural drink and we understand why in the past it was called “drink of the Gods”. We did not grow up with the mate. We discovered it by coincidence while traveling in the countries where drinking it, is a tradition. Since that time we’ve been consuming it daily, mainly because of Yerba mate benefits.

When asking, “What is Yerba mate?”, first, know that its health benefits are numerous and it also boosts your mental alertness and focus. We would also do it wrong if we wouldn’t mention its strong “social benefits”. Sharing mate is a social experience and we all know that “sharing is caring”! If you are questioning yourself “is yerba mate good for you?” then please continue to read our blog to find out about health benefits of Yerba mate.

organic yerba mate

Everything You Need To Know About La Yerba Mate Tea

There are options for people who like a hot drink in the morning. Perhaps, you are tired of coffee. Many individuals have discovered la yerba mate. Give this drink a try with your croissant. Yerba mate is a drink that is traditional in many South American countries, including Argentina, Bolivia, and Brazil. The nomadic Guarani people were the first South Americans to use yerba mate.

Exactly, what is Yerba mate? Yerba mate is made from a shrub that is part of the “holly family”. Most of the world’s yerba mate comes from Brazil and Argentina where it is commercially grown. The flavor and components vary depending upon whether it comes from a male or female plant. Additionally, some say the drink is similar to green tea.

However, experts say yerba mate contains more polyphenols and flavonoids than red wine or green tea. It is used in many different ways in South American countries. For example, some people toast mate and serve it hot or cold, mixed with fruit juice. After reading more of the information below, you’ll never have to ask the question again, “What is Yerba mate”?

Yerba Mate Benefits

Scores of people have witnessed the nourishing and invigorating effects of the leaves of the yerba plant, thanks to its numerous benefits. It is said to help many medical conditions, including:

  • helps to prevent some cancers
  • may reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes
  • improves mental energy and focus
  • alleviates allergies
  • find out more Yerba mate benefits
Yerba mate and Cancer
One of the things that this South American tea is famous for is its abundant quantities of antioxidants, about 90% more that the regular green tea. It is also quite famous for its immune boosting properties as well as its ability to fight aging signs, detoxify blood as well as prevent a good number of cancers. This tea also helps curb insomnia and reduce stress. 

To find out more read an article: Reviewing statistical data related to Yerba mate and Cancer.

Nutrients and Vitamins
Yerba mate tea contains practically the essential vitamins necessary to sustain life, according to Dr. Mowrey, the Director Mountainwest Herbal Sciences Institute. These are vitamin A, B complex, C, and E, 15 amino acids and a good dose of antioxidants. Mate has eleven polyphenols. Polyphenols are powerful antioxidants that fight free radicals in the body. Free radicals are things like smoke and pollution that destroy the body’s cells and lead to premature aging.

The tea contains additional compounds such as caffeine, theobromine, theophylline, fatty acids, carotene, flavonols, inositols, tannins, trace minerals, pantothenic acid and chlorophyll. It also contains high quantities of Sodium, Manganese, Sulfur, Selenium, Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Magnesium and Zinc.

Weight Loss
South American natives have used yerba mate tea for ages as the traditional remedy for all sorts of digestive ailments. It stimulates production of bile and gastric juices that aid digestion. This boosts effective waste elimination, which rids the stomach of the bacteria that sometimes contribute to bad breath.

Furthermore, mate contains mateine, also known as caffeine, that helps boost the metabolism. Many users say it reduces cravings and helps them lose weight. A product that blocks cravings keeps you from eating a lot of empty calories.

As part of the native’s lifestyle, yerba tea is not only healthy, it is also nutritious. While it aids in thorough digestion, it slows down the process, which helps you stay fuller for longer, thereby eating less in a day. When used as a part of a healthy routine, which includes regular and consistent exercise, the tea helps boost the body’s metabolism, burns calories and slightly curb your appetite for effective weight loss.

Mental and Physical Enhancement
Yerba mate tea is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, and polyphenol. These components enhance mental energy, focus, and clarity as it has the effects of caffeine without the negative effects associated with it such as jitter, headaches, and stomach aches. This tea will help you to never forget, “What is Yerba mate?”.

The tea boosts metabolism, which allows the body to use the available carbohydrates more efficiently. This results in more energy in the body, thereby boosting physical capabilities. As you consistently take yerba tea, the level of lactic acids in the body goes down, thereby reducing the post physical workout muscle soreness and reduces recovery time.

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Organic Yerba Mate

For just a few pennies a serving, the yerba tea offers cost effectiveness and more value than many manufactured alternatives for energy and stimulation. If you are among the scores of people that are trying to fight the addiction to caffeinated drinks, you will definitely find the perfect healthy solace in this tea.

However, just like other drinks such as tea and coffee, organic Yerba mate taste varies depending on a number of conditions. For starters, the environment under which it is grown, the temperatures and even the harvesting methods greatly determine the potency and taste of the mate infusion. According to a recent research study, the nutritional content of shade grown yerba is significantly more than that grown under the hot sun!

Organic yerba mate and especially the naturally occurring wild plants, are grown without chemicals, making it the most sought after variety. However, there are plantations that use chemicals such as inorganic fertilizers, pesticides and the like to manage the plants. The taste of these inorganic varieties varies from the traditional organic blends. In order to know which you like best, you can try them both, although it is advisable to go for the organic variety for its health benefits.

Organic Yerba mate blended with other herbs and dried fruits.

Organic Yerba Mate blended with ginger, green tea, matcha tea, quince, apple, lemon peel, orange peel, licorice root, lemongrass and guarana powder.


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Air Versus Smoke Dried Process

Traditionally, yerba mate tea can be made in a variety of ways. However, to make the commercial versions, the leaves are taken through a drying process, which uses either air or smoke. According to the largest manufacturer of the tea, smoke drying is a process that uses burning wood. The resultant smoke is unhealthy as it contains such harmful substances as PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) which are known to induce cancer.

It is important to note that the smoking process does not affect the nutritional components of the tea. However, smoke dried leaves have additional components such as PAHs that could greatly reduce the effectiveness of the nutritional contents of the tea. It is for this reason that it is best to choose Air-Dried Organic Yerba mate instead of the smoked version.

Buying Guide

Below you can find our suggestions and buy yerba mate in tea bags or in bulk on our website. Loose leaf mate is sold in bags of 16 or more ounces. The mate may be mixed with other herbs and ingredients for a unique flavor. For instance, one store sells mate mixed with green tea and ginseng. Traditional mate is a mixture of stems and leaves. It has 12 percent stems. The stems supposedly take some of the bitterness away from the tea. Suave mate contains 20 percent stems and leaf-style yerba mate has less than one percent stems. Experts say the nutrients in the tea come from the leaves and where you’ll find the most Yerba mate benefits.

Organic Yerba Mate Reviews

Most yerba mate reviews are positive. On our website, you can find the ones that we consider the best. One former coffee drinker says she got migraines from too much caffeine. After switching to yerba mate, the migraines went away. Another user says coffee made his energy level fluctuate. He found Guayaki yerba mate and tried it. He describes the taste as sweet and bitter mixed with a tropical flair. The drink keeps his energy level on an even keel. Guayaki Yerba mate company became the first among other yerba mate companies to get Fair Trade Certificate. It is a great alternative approach to conventional trade based on a partnership between businesses and consumers, producers, and traders. Read more about Fairtrade here.

I started to drink Yerba mate after it was introduced to me by my friend from Argentina. I started to notice the benefits of drinking it right away. I had problems with obesity and focus. It is unbelievable how it suppresses appetite. By having a lack of concetration and focus I became stressed and eating junk food was one of the things that “calmed me down”. By drinking Yerba mate, I have gained mental clarity. I can say the real change was less appetite and more attention. Now, I am much more effective at work and I get much more done in my free time. I even quit smoking. I can actually say that Yerba mate benefits have changed my life for the better.

John Hammond, New York





Loose leaf Yerba mate

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Types of Yerba Mate

Yerba tea is grown in different regions In South America, which give each tea its characteristic qualities. For example, the Argentinean mate is boldly herbaceous, crisp and earthy while the Paraguayan variety is rich in floral notes, vanilla and mild smoky flavor. Apart from the pure teas, you can also get a variety of blends to match your preferences. Here are a few of the most common types of organic yerba mate tea.

Leaf Style Blend

This blend contains only 1% stems in the blend, making it the richest blend in flavor and more nutritious. The mate makes it easy to extract nutrients since it is largely made up of leaves, which produces better compression around a bombilla.

Leaf Style Blend Yerba Mate

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Suave Blend

This is the lightest tea, and it is available in a variety of mixes and flavors. This ’smooth’ blend has around 20% stems which help reduce the bitterness and clogging of the straw by some pure teas. Since the stems take up a large percentage, the tea has weaker flavor, but still gives you the full Yerba mate benefits.

Suave Blend Yerba Mate


Our favourite Suave blend!

Traditional Blend

This blend has 12% stems, giving it its characteristic medium strength with rich flavor options such as lemon, orange, and grapefruit. It is considered the perfect blend for beginners as it is not too strong or too weak and the stems help prevent clogging of bombilla.

Traditional blend Yerba mate


Our favourite Traditional Blend!

Chimarrao – Erva Mate

Chim-a-what? Yes, we understand you perfectly. We were there too. Well, this is a traditional Brazilian mate that is commonly referred to as erva mate. Chimarrao is the finest powderish blend with characteristic bold, malty, muscular flavor. For those who love beer and dark coffee, this full-bodied mix is definitely a treat.

Mate Cocido – Tea Bags

This is a mild tasting, infused tea blend that gives the same Yerba mate benefits and stimulating properties of the full-bodied teas. Cocido tea bags make it easy to use, and can be brewed as a usual tea. Traditionally, this tea it consumed with milk, sweetened or flavored with peach, vanilla, tangerine or lemon.

Blended Organic Yerba Mate

The best thing about organic yerba mate is that it can be blended with a variety of other teas, spices, fruits and other herbal extracts to give the perfect preferred flavor and body. The ingredients in the blends are normally certified. Therefore, if you prefer organic teas, you can always get your preferred organic yerba mate blends made up from the highest quality organic ingredients.

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Yerba mate Gourd and Bombilla

These are traditionally essential set of tools that for the culture of the brewing of yerba mate tea. The gourd, also called the mate cup, comes in a special shape that allows the bombilla (a straw with an enlarged, perforated base) to press against its side, thereby extracting maximum nutrients. Traditionally, the gourd was wooden while the straw was silver, brass or stainless steel. The best bombillas are made from Alpaca silver. Today, however, there are commercially made cups with a built in straws made of a variety of materials. You can choose the set that best suits your lifestyle.

Organic Loose-leaf Yerba mate, gourd and bombilla at Organicmate.net

Loose-leaf Yerba mate, gourd and bombilla.

How To Prepare Yerba Mate


Most people learn how to make yerba mate in the traditional way. It involves a Yerba mate gourd (mate cup) and a filtered bombilla (mate straw with filter). The cup’s gourd shape positions the mate so it is easy to use the bombilla to extract the nutrients. Drinking mate or tomando mate is used to make others feel welcome. Mate is usually prepared by a cebador (mate server) for friends. Whenever someone drinks, the gourd is refilled with hot water. The position of mate in the cup is important because it helps the release of nutrients and prevents clogging the straw. A special mate cup can usually be purchased with the straw wherever one buys the tea. Do not be afraid to sweeten the drink if it is too bitter, it will still give you the same yerba mate benefits, regardless of if organic yerba mate, or not!

Learn more on  How to Make Yerba Mate in Traditional Way.


On our site, you can find a Yerba mate recipe that will suit you. There are a number of ways how to perpare it. Are you still wondering what is Yerba mate and how to best prepare it? One may purchase yerba mate tea bags. The tea bags seep in hot water. Eventually, one can make iced tea. People also use the tea bags to make sun tea. Simply, put the tea bags in a pitcher of water and place it in the sun. The sun brews the tea. Believe it or not, it can be made in a coffee maker and still derive the yerba mate benefits. The machine is not able to extract as many nutrients as in the traditional method. However, it makes a good, nutritious drink.

Yerba mate iced tea (terere) is predominantly Paraguayan, although other regions have quickly picked up the pace in its consumption. This iced tea is a blend of cold tea, ice water and cubes, fruits and their juices, herbs and/or sweeteners.

This tea is made in either a cup or the traditional gourd. The gourd is preferred for maximum nutrient extraction as it compresses the mate against the bombilla, which allows for a richer flavor. Those who prefer this drink like it in larger gourds.

Place the mate in a gourd, about half or a third full, add the sweeteners, ice cubes, fruits, and herbs. Fill it up with ice water or fruit juice depending on your preference, and gently insert the straw into the tea. As you keep drinking, you can fill up the contents.

Just like coffee or any other tea, mate’s flavor changes depending on the brewing method. While some prefer steaming cup of freshly brewed beverage, others prefer it cold, while others want the convenience of tea bags or the flavor of tea brewed with milk. Today, however, more people are falling in love with the French Press made mate tea, simply for its different flavor profile. Here is a quick preparation guide.

Place the yerba mate in the French press filter and slowly pour water over the mate. Allow the mate to soak well and pass through the filter. Brew for the desired amount of time (typically 4 to 6 minutes). Depress the plunger into the pot and serve.

Yerba Mate Caffeine Content

While Yerba mate is not considered as real tea, it is normally mentioned in the same breath as other herbal mixes. However, contrary to other herbal mix components, this one actually contains some caffeine many times referred as mateine. Mate tea caffeine seems to work differently. While too much caffeine stimulation from coffee often makes people jittery, the caffeine in Yerba mate seems to have a stimulating yet calming effect. While some think of it as a huge plus, caffeine sensitive people tend to shy away from it. But let’s look at the real caffeine components of drinks.

yerba mate caffeine level

Average Caffeine Level Comparison

Yerba mate vs Coffee

Yerba and coffee have a few similarities such as their mental stimulation properties and their caffeine levels are not too far apart. However, coffee caffeine comes with some side effects.

Mate is more nutritious, is a natural laxative, and helps fight a lot of ailments. Coffee, on the other hand, has less nutrient content, and its acidity irritates the digestive system, which contributes to some digestive disorders. Read more on a comparison of Yerba mate VS Coffee.

Yerba mate vs Green Tea

Green tea and yerba mate tea have lots in common, top among them being their properties to promote healthy lifestyles, increase mental and physical capabilities, aid weight loss, the antioxidant properties as well as help in the fight against a host of ailments.

Despite their seemingly endless similarities, these tea types have critical differences. For starters, organic yerba mate is rich in saponins, Caffeoylquinic, and chlorogenic acids, which are only found in trace quantities in green tea.

Yerba mate vs Matcha

Perhaps their similar names and the fact that they are both healthy herbal teas make many believe there is little difference between the two. Well, there are loads of similarities and differences. For starters, both teas are energizing, healthy, packed with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. However, their nutritional content varies, so does the preparation and serving methods.

Matcha has considerably fewer antioxidants (1300units) compared to mate (6000 units) per serving. The primary antioxidant in the mate, chlorogenic acid, is known to slow the release of glucose in the body while that of matcha, epigallocatechin gallate, boosts metabolism. Mate has approximately 80mg of caffeine per 8 oz serving while matcha has about 35mg per 3 oz serving.

Other Yerba mate Products

Yerba tea is not only used as a freshly prepared hot or iced drink, it is also a key component in a variety of other products.

Club mate is a non-alcoholic, caffeinated, carbonated soft drink made with mate

Materva is a carbonated mate based drink. Unlike the teas, this soft drink is sweet and with a flavor bordering cream soda or ginger ale.

Energy shots are simply organic blends of the tea without sweeteners, preservatives, artificial colorings and flavors for that quick energy boost.

Yerba mate pills are packed with the nutritional goodness of the natural tea without the characteristic bitterness. They are used to rejuvenate the mind and body, to help with weight loss as well as a supplement for a wide range of nutrients for which the tea is famous for. Get to know more yerba mate products. Many of them are considered as organic energy drinks.


In countries where yerba mate is very popular, people are seen walking in the streets carrying mate and thermal vacuum flasks. There are also hot water stations to refill their thermal flasks.

Share Stomach Argentina 2014


Yerba mate Side Effects, Risks, and Quick Precautions

Just like any other natural product, yerba mate is not exempt from side effects. For starters, the tea is not suitable for children and pregnant or lactating mothers. It is also potentially unsafe for people with alcoholism, anxiety disorders, heart conditions, diabetes, high blood pressure, glaucoma, and osteoporosis. Therefore, before you take the tea, pills or soft drinks, make sure you will not be adversely affected.

In Conclusion

Yerba tea has been the traditional South American drink for centuries as a wholesome drink, and it is now a trend that is spreading like a bushfire, thanks to its health and nutritional benefits. Once you taste this tea and experience yerba mate benefits, you’ll quickly realize that you should never consider any other energy drink, an even better option is organic yerba mate tea! But don’t take our word for it, try it for yourself and never have to ask again, “What is Yerba mate?”.

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