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So how did I become accustomed to Yerba Mate? Well the history dates back to 2010 and occurs during my first backpacking trip in Argentina. It was actually the very first time I had the pleasure of visiting another continent and yes it had been a life changing experience of itself. I have ever since then done lots of traveling and get arrived on the conclusion that the simplest way to do so is backpacking.

When you are traveling you are accustomed to new and varied cultures as well as interesting individuals and also this opens your perspective and changes how you see the world and life. Backpacking is among the most personal methods for you to travel being as you are consistently talking with the locals as well as other fellow travelers.

It was actually in Buenos Aires where I met up with a friend I had been lucky to possess made during my studies in Spain. When we walked around enjoying the surroundings I used to be interested in the reality that people walked around carrying what seemed to be a thermos. It was actually a very hot day in the middle of summer so I inquired with my pal why these folks were doing this. Then he explained it was as a consequence of Yerba Mate. My good friend is quite open, much like many Argentine’s so he proceeded to ask complete strangers basically if i will have a sip of Yerba Mate.

This was the first time I tried Yerba mate and later on it have become my daily habit. I think many people should drink it and that’s why I am promoting it on my website. In the spirit of transparency and honesty I want to share with you that some of the links within this site are affiliate links. This website that receives compensation from the companies whose products we offer. We test each product thoroughly and offer only the very best. We are independent fans of Yerba mate.


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